By accepting the quote you accept our terms and conditions. All our requirements are included on our quotes. These terms and conditions apply to all our services. By making a quote, we assume that you agree to our terms and conditions.
Our charges to all our services are included in our quotation reputation will expire after 30 days if the client has any issue with the quotation then he can get to us within 30 days after 30 days we can alter and even decline the quotation.
Unless agreed the client will pay 33% in advance. The client will make the second 33% payment after the submission of design. The third and final payment will be made after the work is done.
In case of extra work the client will pay extra.
Invoicing and payments
We usually send an invoice via email but on the request of valued clients we can procure a hard copy of invoice as well.
We received payment for our services either via Bank account or cheque. The details of bank account will be made available with invoice.
In case the client fails to make a payment as per the due date then an interest rate of 4% will be applied the client will have to pay the interest on daily basis and tell me clear all the payment.
Review by the Client
Codediv. Will provide the client with the preview of the website and content. The preview will be made available during the designing phase.
After that if the client will not object then in the coming 10 days the work will be completed.
Turnaround Time
In case the client want a delay in the submission of work then he will have to inform us. Upon agreement, we will delay the submission of website and content.
Failure to provide the necessary information
From our clients, we require all the necessary material at the start of our work. In case the client fails to provide us with the necessary information then he will be charged accordingly. In case work is delayed because of the client then he will have to pay 25% extra fee for that.
From our side we make sure that we put all our efforts to make a website functional. At the same time, we do not take any guarantee that the website will be functional and there will be traffic.
In case the client wants to terminate our services then he will have to inform us by contacting. An email or a written letter will not be honored. The client will have to pay for the work completed. He will be informed by invoice.
Configuring of the server
In case the client wants us to configure the server for him then there will be additional charges for that. From our side we take responsibility that the website will work well on the required server. Still after that, if the client needs configuration then charges will be applied.
Data protection
It is the responsibility of the client and us to protect the data which is exchanged between us and the client.
Legal action
It is the responsibility of the client to abide by the mentioned terms and conditions. In case the client fail to abide by the terms and conditions then we have the right to take legal action against the client.
In case of breach of trust we reserve the right to disclose the basic information of the client to legal parties.
Our work ends when we deliver the website to the client. After that, we are not liable if the client loses any data or opportunity. We are also not liable if the website will not function after it is delivered from our side.
Halt of Work
In case the client fail to pay us the first payment then we reserve all the right to halt the work. The work will continue after the client will pay us the required fee and additional charges.
Third party products
In case the client needs any third party product like a software then we will provide him that software. The additional charges of any third party product will be applied.
Domain names
We have the right to purchase the domain names on the behalf of our clients. The clients are entitled to pay us for these domain names.
Codediv. Is not responsible for any alterations after the website is delivered from our side. In case the third party does any alteration in the website after the work is completed from our side then we will not be liable or responsible for it.